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It’s been a while since i have made a blog post – and for that i am sorry! It turns out the Christmas and NYE rush was crazier than an adrenalin shot to the heart. Many things are evolving here at Liberated Heart HQ, and i’m feeling like 2015 is going to be more intensely special than ever.

Firstly i would like to say a H U G E thank you on behalf of the entire team here, for all of your support and excitement over the last year. We would not have grown this much and this fast if it wasn’t for all your shiny souls.

I also want to say that we will be bringing better & more intriguing blog posts throughout this year, so get excited and inspired. To ring in some good vibes and positive notions as the first post of 2015 i would like to share with you all one of our all time favourite musical artists and/or geniuses… A magical duo who was secretively mentioned to me by home girl Mimi Elashiry.

I was lucky enough to experience them live at Splendour in the Grass for their last performance ever.


why do amazing musical geniuses break up? Its naaaaat faaaaair.


We should always remember to live in the moment and acknowledge that life is but very short, so when your heart is liberated as f*** and you feel as if your entire self is not quite in your body but actually within the beats travelling in energy balls around you an the coloured lights are as if every star in the universe was rainbow dancing……. all you can do is appreciate the present and look forward for more to come.

photos are of myself & @brianaatkin enjoying Falls Music & Arts Festival in byron.

shoes: timberlands from urban outfitters & vintage converse found on the road earlier that day
back pack: miss brown vintage byron bay



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