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As the festival season ebbs & flows we are happy to announce that we have created beautiful kimonos with sheer draping fabric & chic tassels,
available in two prints…
our mimi elashiry collaboration -spirit molecule-
best selling 70s vibed -boogie nights-

We are loving mixing & matching prints right now, drawing out colours we may not have noticed before & making them pop with a certain nonchalance style, kind of like when your wearing 2 different socks and it somehow works in the most perfectly unkept way.

Our go to boots featured in our style guide are a combat military style, a hint of bad ass and grunge as well as being super comfortable & hardy for stomping in the forest to warpy beats.

A comfortable and cool hat to go with is an absolute M U S T and our number one favs are the ‘ratatat’ & ‘dingo’ from fellow byron bay local Fallen Broken Street. Followed by some goodies by Lack of Colour that have a feminine vibe and are a little less expensive if your on a budget.

Our leather backpack is probably the most practical, cute & quirky bag necessity when running a muck and ensures all of your valuables are safe 😉
Otherwise a classic black fringed bohemian shoulder bag works a charm and the one we featured is by an amazing Native American designer based in Hawaii. She hand makes all of her bags and they feel like butter.

HLSK & A&P gems are our go to always, both are very different from one another and cater for every style. Whether your looking for something a little creepy and mystical or a simple yet stunning design you will find something if not everything your heart desires on both e boutiques.

To sum up our Festival Style Guide, do not forget to put flowers in your hair, keep it natural, dance with confidence & BE YOURSELF.

model: @anitaghise
photographer: mariah *liberated heart*
garments: liberatedheart.com
boots: micheal kors
hats: @fallenbrokenstreet & @lackofcoloraus
bags: vintage backpack, @kimstahr_leather
gems: @hlsk & @aletheia_phos



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