HOW TO: be splendoured

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There once was a girl, she had long hair that had a mind of its own. Her eyes were that of a feline & told a story of freedom & hedonism. As she walked past me i think i smelt patchouli and lavender. Her coat was rough, it reminded me of hendrix and her skin as soft and warm as the rose gold velvet that brought out the colour of her cheeks, lips, smile. We danced all day and all night and the air was sweet.

We joined forces with our fav fellow byron bay brands @trashbyronbay + @eyeofhoruscosmetics to style some super rad festival get ups in celebration of Splendour.

Featuring our ~rose gold highs~ pieces teamed with vintage coats, boots and accessories from Trash these late 60s vibed looks give you A game festival style. We absolutely LOVE eye of horus cosmetics for great pigment, array of colours and their long wearing reputation, which means all those screen shot inspo pics we have in our phones are actually achievable! Oh and they are also vegan and animal cruelty free so that rox.

Looking for more outfit options? Head online to shop the rest of our Splendour Picks.

Model: @hoggingfrogs
Photographer: @tavoni
Make up: @mariahhumanbean

VINTAGE: @trashbyronbay
MAKE UP FEATURED: @eyeofhoruscosmetics



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