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a liberated heart productionnn

ok wow hello, whose still recovering?

firstly we just want to say we hope all of ya’ll that attended splendour had like the best time ever and rocked your socks off to the likes of purity ring & tame imapala etc etc – i know we all did! in actual fact our photographer mate josh hedge literally lost his gum boots to tame impala (and that was before their set even played?!)…

we were lucky enough to follow airling around splendour & watch her perform with japanese wallpaper as well as no. 1 dads – which was soooo cool. in fact it was basically magical.

as i arrived w liberated heart team members we had to literally run through the mud and into the festival to get to the tiny dancer stage in time to greet airling backstage. running on adrenalin & lack of sleep from the night before – thrills party etc it was sheer luck that all of the crew members were also running late. not to worry! as i glitterfied airlings face & applied as many flash tattoos as possible at the speed of light we laughed whilst i listened to her warm up her vocal chords.

the slippery chill beats of japanese wallpaper mixed with airling’s silky vocals as coloured lights & misty smoke played on their performance was awesome, and everything went amazing despite us all being late & semi fried. next up was no 1 dads, which kinda blew us all away… if you haven’t heard of them before do yourself a favour and youtube that sheeeet 🙂

airling looked the epitome of cool in her ~machu picchu~ fairy skirt during her performances which she paired with a super sparkly sequinned off shoulder crop, chunky belt + boots fit enough to survive the mud. smeared copper shimmer across her eyelids with emerald & violet eye liners from @eyeofhoruscosmetics finished her festival look as well as messy hair and an adornment of face jewels.

later through the festival we caught her and fellow musician, lover & babe thelma plum looking uber rad in their ~boogie nights~ halter & kimono + ~spirit molecule~ kimono

until next year folks!




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