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a movie filmed in 1995 called ‘a little princess’ is about 2 girls that befriend each other in a dire situation, one morning they wake up to a golden light filled bedroom with indian tapestries, beautiful fabrics, and yummy food for their hungry bellies – gifts from an angel. the way the film portrays a sisterly bond & a little magic inspired our christmas vibed shoot.

we called upon josh hedge who rocks at capturing those dreamy bohemian feels- along with uber talented upcoming videographer amber archbold, some beautiful flaxen haired twins alix & erin, and a set featuring everything LH – aura blankets, cushions, flowers, candles, incense, wine & crystals… maybe even a bunny here & there 😉

here at LH we feel that the time of giving should be any time! but sometimes we get busy and procrastinate so its nice that christmas plays as a wee little reminder to think of our significant others & some pretty sentimental somethings to gift them – cause lets face it… presents rock!

it definitely was not hard for us to come up with some super rad gift boxes containing new & exciting items we have recently dropped -basically we just thought of what we would totally froth on, popped it in a sleek black gift box & smiled thinking about unwrapping it on christmas day, after a mimosa or 2.

models: @alixmckenzie @erriinlee

photographer: @joshhedge 



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