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warm skin that smells like salt mixed with coconut oil.

in the ocean where you centre your emotion,, all the world can pass you by…

we met up with romanian beach babe anita one beautiful day in the bay & walked to a gem little secret spot surrounded by washed out grey textured boulders, creamy sand & spiky pandama trees.

the ocean featured an eclectic amalgamation of pastel, painting the perfect canvas for anita’s bronzed body & our new ~LILAC SUMMER~ soft sueded teeny tiny bikini

ideal for tanning in, our new swim is your go-to for a private summer oasis, skinny dipping with the gurls & white wine with strawberries eaten with salty fingers

shop ~LILAC SUMMER~ here

model: anita ghise @anitaghise
photographer/mu/creative: mariah hearn @mariahprofresh



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