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Electrified light fractals contrast against the deep night sky, inducing your inner creature. ~The Midnight Effect~ is inspired by nocturnal energy, cosmic star combustions, illuminated seas & spirit animalia. What keeps you up after dark?The feeling is e l e c t r i c…

For this collection we knew we had to shoot somewhere really special, some magical location that would encapsulate an other worldly inter galactic vibe… so we all piled in a 4×4, pumped some tunes and road tripped to Fraser Island – a floating paradise off the coast of Hervey Bay.

The raw beauty of Fraser Island is hard to put into few words; wild Australian bush grows out of paper white sand, fresh water lakes shimmer silently in the most unbelievable hues of aquamarine to midnight navy blues, emerald green & clear silver crystal… We flitted through locations high off of mother nature and completely awe struck.

Lilla our model looked completely at home, dancing in the wind with a certain spiritual energy that was breathtaking to watch. This is what makes us so happy and inspired to keep creating.

We went for glossy illuminated skin and used holographic UV glitter to dust over Lilla’s face & hair, dabbing lip gloss on her eye lids & cheek bones to accentuate her features. Natural beachy hair that we coated in coconut oil for a later wet look went back with metallic velvet, silkened fibres & soft sueded styles. We styled back with matte black timberlands & magique gems from HLSK.

We hope ~The Midnight Effect~ inspires you to stay up all night, paint yourself in glitter & dance into another dimension.

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model: lilla conradson @lillalowanna
photographer: kane skennar @kaneskennar
videographer: amber archbold @ambadoobs
hair/mu & creative direction: mariah hearn @mariahprofresh
assistant styling: kate boyd @daisyvoid

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