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we hang out & take some snaps of one of our team members amber archbold in her fav picks from our latest collection ~THE MIDNIGHT EFFECTS~ whilst cavorting through the lovely byron hinterlands.

heres a lil about amber

Q. I couldn’t live without…?
A. My pet bird Cheeks the cockatiel and horror movies. Cheeks and I are in a semi monogamous relationship and I hope he lives forever because I love him so much

Q. Last song i played was…?
A. Forty Six & 2 by Tool, my most favourite band in the world and I played it in my head just now

Q. Food fad of the moment…?
A. Cacao smoothie bowls with coconut meat and strawberries forever and ever

Q. Wearing on repeat right now…?
A. Combat boots.. all day every day

Q. If i had a gang i would call it…?
A. Vitas-united and my gang sign would be a V for Vitas

Q. Favourite all time film…?
A. This is an extremely hard question and I would have to narrow it down to top 5 because I love film so much and my favourites rotate depending on my moods. So a rough list which I can’t even 100% decide on would go something like:

  • Love – Gaspar Noe
  • Enter the Void – Gaspar Noe
  • Requiem for a dream – Darren Aronofsky
  • Nymphomaniac Vol I & II – Lars Von Trier
  • The Witch – Robert Eggers. This is a new awesome movie everyone should check out its so eerie and sick

Q. You have your own music festival, what would go down…?
A. Obviously Tool would be headlining, then Maynard would also play in A Perfect Circle and Puscifer,  Devin Townsend would play, Marilyn Manson and Deftones from the 1990s would be there and Pearl Jam as well.

Then to mix it up Grizzly Bear, M83, Caribou, Half Moon Run, ummm The National, Father John Misty, WU LYF, why not bring in Jim Morrison to make an appearance, Crystal Castles, The Mars Volta and so many more I can’t even think. It would be Halloween themed and I would dress up as a ghost and everybody could bring their pets

Q. My sister always tells me…?
A. ‘aaaaamber’ which is in a disappointed tone because I have done something bad

Q. Man crush & Woman crush…?
A. It is a love triangle between Kit Harrington aka Jon Snoooow, Eddie Vedder and Cora Keegan who is very babeful

Q. 3 words that sum you up –
A. bird poo hair

model: amber archbold @ambadoobs
photographer: mariah hearn @mariahprofresh








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