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Katja is an emerging fashion photographer from Melbourne with a unique taste for the bold. Playing with colour, movement and contrasting light vs. dark, we sent Katja a few of our favourite LH pieces to shoot in her signature style. For this series she shot all the photos in film. We also took 5 with her to chat about food fads, film favourites and what her dream festival would look like.

All clothes featured are available at www.liberatedheart.com

1. I couldn’t live without…?

The ability to express myself, creatively

2. The last song I played was…?
3. Food fad of the moment…?
I’m trying to eliminate sugar from my date atm, so anything containing minimal refined sugar.
4. Wearing on repeat right now…?
My red faux-velvet tracksuit, zip-up hoodie
5. If I had a gang i would call it…?
The come on let’s dance together gang haha!
6. Favourite all time film…?
Ahh too many to choose from but I’d have to go with Fantastic Mr Fox, purely for its crafty genius
7. You have your own music festival, what would go down…?
Ohh I’d have just one 24 hour main stage so that when people were partying hard it would be with amongst enormous group of people. There would be a a balance of local and national/international talent, vegan food stalls everywhere, the world’s largest slip and slide and a solid three acres-worth of jumping castles!
8. My sister always tells me…?
That I’m her favourite sister haha
9. Man crush & Woman crush…?
100% Miles Teller and Alicia Vicander 😍😍😍
10. 3 words that sum you up
Thinker, individual, evolving.

C003967-R1-02-2A C003967-R1-07-7A C003967-R1-09-9A C003967-R1-12-12A C003967-R1-14-14A  C003967-R1-21-21A C003967-R1-22-22A C003967-R1-24-24A C003967-R1-28-28A C003967-R1-29-29A C003967-R1-32-32A pics2 pics4 pics5



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