Déjà Vu | Liberated Heart x Opium Dreams

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Is it now, or then? Your mind playing tricks, or your dreams made reality?

Your first taste of Liberated Heart summer is here – introducing the Déjà Vu set, where 80s pop meets mad psychedelia. We decided to team up with festival baby @Opium_Dreams for this shoot! We have been huge fans of this babe for a while now (she’s a regular on the US festival circuit.. jealous much?!) and her effortless beauty and free spirit make her a totally liberated heart.

The campaign was shot on LA’s sunset strip outside The Bates Motel. River (Opium’s real name) tells us the old, run down Motel has been painted all white – even the palm trees and neighbouring billboard, by artist Vincent Lamouroux. We think it was the perfect backdrop for the Déjà Vu print, which features really bold neon pinks, oranges, blues and purples! We can’t wait to see you guys rock this set at all the upcoming festivals… Burning Man is getting closer and we already have FOMO.

Our best-selling halter and skirt set has also been revamped for summer! The halter now has a cool adjustable T-Bar strap which goes down your spine and our new, improved A-line skirt features a thinner waistband, which makes for a more flattering fit.

The set is available online now at www.liberatedheart.com.


Model: River Johnson @opium_dreams

Photographer: Ruby Heart @rubyheartphoto

MUA: Noel Fischetti @idontwakeuplikethis

Déjà Vu Set: @liberatedheart

Shoes: @yru

Sunglasses: @zeroUV








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