The Bloom Generation: Natascha Elisa x Trevor King

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The Bloom Generation Drop 2: Natascha Elisa x Trevor King 

Our latest drop from our SS16 collection The Bloom Generation has landed! 

Our Drop 2 shoot features Natascha Elisa, shot by Trevor King, rocking this season’s latest styles on a steamy summer’s day in the Hollywood Hills. 

The Butterfly Effect print is the central focus, morphing into a sexy cutout playsuit and a cotton cami and tube skirt combo that are a match made in heaven. A patchwork suede dress is added to the mix as an essential summer piece. 

Check out the full campaign below and when you’re done shop the new collection online at


Model: Natascha Elisa (@nataschaelisa)

Photographer: Trevor King (@trevorking)

Clothing: Liberated Heart (@liberatedheart)

Shoes: Roc Boots (@rocboots)

Hat: Lack of Color (@lackofcoloraus)

Shades: Esqape (@esqape)

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