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We talk to Anita, our local liberated girl about walking and talking her own way…

Q: Exactly how long you’ve been Living here for now?

A:  I’ve been living here solidly for two years now, but I’ve been to Byron and lived here before, just was a while ago…so on and off maybe around 7 years with 3 years in Buenos Aires in between!

Q: What brought you to Byron?

A: I was born in Romania during difficult political circumstances, so we escaped and I moved around between different countries and places. Byron is the first place ever that made me feels like home, so I decided to stay.


Q: What is your occupation?

A:  I am a pattern maker and tailor by trade. I love working creatively. I love fabrics and creating garments. And then there’s also modeling…

Q: What’s your favorite waterfall?

A: I love waterfalls in general- so much energy! This pic was taken at protestor falls.


Q: What’s your favorite local picnic spot?

A: I love being outdoors- I get anxious if I am spending too much time behind closed doors, so picnics outside are one of my favorite things to do! I like to picnic on the beach or somewhere in the hills. Anywhere around here really! It’s all good…

Q: Do you surf? What kind of board do you have?

A: I do surf, but haven’t been out much recently. If I do I’m on a mal

Q: What’s your favorite festival in the world?

A: I’ve been to so many festivals, each one is different and I think I LOVE them all ha-ha. Although my favourite so far was a small one where I went in the U.S ages ago- I’m not sure what it was called, was just amazing. It was in the forest and they had included all the waterfalls and trees into their decoration. It was like a mini crazy wild world. All night there were drum circles and people in fluorescent clothes dancing!


Q: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done, so far?

A: Not sure. I’ve heard I do a lot of crazy stuff though, ha-ha

Q: If you could describe your life to me in one sentence what would you say?

A: Enjoy the ride….

Q: If you could give me one life lesson or piece of advice what would it be?

A:  Say no to routine! Even if it’s just walking a different beach, getting coffee from a different place, having breakfast for dinner – just don’t get stuck doing the same thing- keep mixing things up, creating newness into your life. That’s my advice!


Q: What is it about LH that you resonate with most?

A:  The brand is a pure representation of the lifestyle I live for. Freedom, creativity, limitlessness and being a free spirit.

Muse: Anita Ghise
Photographers: The Riot Collective & Luciana Rose
Clothing: Liberated Heart


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