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When the extremes of cosmic wonderland collide, a special energy is awakened….

Embrace the magic that is the final chapter of the bloom generation collection!

Bloom girl Stella Luna, the youngest of three adorable mermaid sisters and LH lovers, took us to her home town Hawaii for drop 4 of our Bloom Generation Summer 16 journey!

Our ocean girl Stella spent the day taking us to all her favourite hometown hangs, rainbow ice-cream, jungle adventures and seaside dazing… what a perfect way to embrace the wonders of our universe…not to mention how banging she looks in all our latest pieces from our bloom generation collection.

‘Submerged in our underworld, our very own cosmic sea, all is free….’

Our last two prints, ‘Prismatic’ and ‘Enter The Void’ evoke polar energies. Which resonates with you?


Muse : @stelaluna_

Photos : @beachcreature

Clothing : @liberatedheart






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