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Rainbow Serpent is the peak of the psychedelic festival season in Australia.  Marking its 20th year celebration, the Liberated Heart team travelled to join in the transformational experience that is Rainbow  ✨

No matter the mix of experiences you sought at Rainbow .. whether it’s that deepening of yourself in a workshop; the enlightening discussion at a talk; the heart connection of a community of over 10,000 people; stretching your edge with the maddest getup you can imagine; or that dance on a dust-filled ground to the pumping beat and transcendent sounds …. we all leave transformed.






Magic Happens!  Francesco Vincenzi

You see the path to a liberated heart is through regularly opening yourself to the ecstatic states of your body in movement, keeping your energy in flow.  When you open your mind to the wonder of everything that is beautiful, weird, surreal and curious, you broaden your understanding of life.  Open minds and hearts lead us to more love you’all and this ripples to our care for each other and the planet!

Love this retrospective film of the 2016 festival.  It speaks so much of what we value and love … art, our beautiful earth, connection and dance!





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