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Humans are bound by the elements; intrinsically we are connected and at one with the cosmic power that drives all life force on this planet. The earth space we occupy is a living, breathing entity and we’re tied to the elemental pull that gives life to our planet in all forms. It gives life to us.

Earth, Air, Fire and Water intertwine themselves through our worlds. The four of these come together to provide the fifth element; the all encapsulating, quintessential Spirit, ether or prana. In unity of the elements we are given life force; we are Spirit in physical form.

Throughout many Native cultures, the elements provide the tangible explanation for many inexplicable aspects of our world. Together, with Liberated Heart we take you on a journey of discovery: understanding the power of the primordial elements, a deep-rooted connection we all have with the universe we occupy.

Guest writer: Ondine Purinton-miller @ondinedaisy @thealchemistsblog



Photographer: Lyn Li    Model: Lili Koi @_lilikoi


Photographer: Sally Patti Gordon @sallypatti   Model: Sabine Jamieson @sabine.jamieson


Photographer:Sally Patti Gordon @sallypatti  Model:Brigette Cooper  @beecooper


Photographer:Lyn Li   Model:Lili Koi @ _lilikoi


Photographer:Kane Skenner  Model:Lexi @_lexigraham

Stylist for all elements: Kate Boyd @daisypinkfloyd


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