Bliss Balls Baby

Collabs Apr 06, 2017 No Comments


The ultimate festival snack pack

This is what happens when Byron Bay locals Sabrina Sterk and Tash Scheiner hang out… Its all about kitchen collabs, eating bliss balls, taking photos and going on adventures!!!

P.s. Our new Fire Set so sick with our Nirvana Gypsy bag… The ultimate festival bag for sneaking in all your goodies!!

 *** “The path isn’t a straight line; It’s a spiral.

You continually come back to things you thought you understood and see deeper truths.” Barry H. Gillespie ***

We may or may not have eaten half the bliss balls before this photo was taken…

Lets just say the rest are hiding in the Boogie Nights Gypsy bag!!

Model: Sabrina Sterk @sabrinaster Photographer: Natasha Scheiner @ahhtash


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