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Elements are the great forces emanating and radiating from our cosmic creator. When we walk barefoot, stepping consciously on our ancient lands – in that moment we can experience the earth pressing against us; the fertile soil nourishing and grounding us, rooting us into the very core of our planet. This a harmonious experience of our co-existence with this incredible planet and the forces that drive it. We engage with the earth, with each inhalation and each step. We are earth.

The Mother Earth or Gaia represents the ultimate feminine principal of the Universe. Earth is fertile, nurturing, strong and constantly transforming and transmuting, a volatility and strength in earths ability to move mountains and shift landscapes is evident, an example of the transient nature of Earth.

In the harnessing of this earth energy we can facilitate the grounding we need in order to reap the benefits and bounty from the seeds that we sow.

Earth provides the stable environment from which all life that we know springs, lives and thrives. In our oneness and intrinsic connection we become one with earth even in our passing. Our Mother is our foundation. Earth gifts us with abundance. Walk barefoot against the rich, abundant soils, energetically spiralling into the earth. Be connected and at one.

Guest writer: Ondine Purinton-miller @ondinedaisy @thealchemistsblog

Model: Brigette Cooper @beecooper

Photographer: Sally Patti @sallypatti

Jewellery: Daisy Void @daisyvoid


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