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Each one of us breathes the same air, a universal current of energy that weaves its way through every one of earths occupants. Air is a vital force and a source of ceaseless flow.

We feel, rather than truly see the element of air, it cant be captured or held, but its innate life force force and often tempestuous nature is evident. In order to harness the elemental power of air, which is seen in many cultures as our chi, our channel of which prana flows, we must understand the overarching metaphor, and what this can teach us.

The acknowledgement of air as an intangible subtle energy is crucial.

What is air? It is movement, expansiveness, subtly, it encapsulates the psychological and spiritual need for flexibility and endless flow and movement.

Utilised correctly, this understanding can allow the gentle suppleness and plasticity that this element offers us conversely we can also encounter whirlwinds and hurricanes within this context, so the true key is remaining grounded whilst harnessing this air energy. It is about the balance.

Guest writer: Ondine Purinton-miller @ondinedaisy @thealchemistsblog

 Model: Sabine Jamieson @sabine.jamieson

Photographer: Sally Patti @sallypatti

Jewellery: Daisy Void @daisyvoid

Hair/ Makeup: Clare Moriarty @clarehairbyron


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