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The fiery, passionate destroyer, raging, vivacious and incandescent. That’s fire in a nutshell. The nature of fire is uncertain and unpredictable, it’s uncontrollable, however, in its passionate zest for life it becomes the motivator, purifier, the creator and the element of self-transformation.

 Fire is central to our deeply spiritual ancient cultures their dreaming and lore, they innately knew its power. There is no reason this energy shouldn’t be central to us too.

Fire enables the thriving of life and paradoxically, it is also responsible for, like a candle, the snuffing out of it. In this realm, when we look deep into this energy, we see our life force or prana perfectly matching the fire of the sun, or the fire that rages tall; sublime power. That keeps us thriving!

 Even in fires path of supposed destruction, out of the ashes comes the promise new life, seeding and jumping forth. So its essential for us to stoke our inner furnace, harnessing fire and the passionate, freedom that it offers us.

Photographer:Lyn Li   Model:Lili Koi @ _lilikoi

Guest writer: Ondine Purinton-miller @ondinedaisy @thealchemistsblog


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