Spirit W17

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We’ve seen how the physical elements weave their way into our lives on this earthly plane; the fluidity of water, the passion of fire, the grounded nature of earth and the flitting, invisible strength of air. We come to Spirit, or Ether.

The Great Spirit which we are, the essence of everything. We are essence, the subtle energy, endlessly vibrating. We are it.

Omnipresent, transcendent, lacking the physicality of the other elements but paradoxically, this energy is what makes up physical form. An empty void? Perhaps, but within that void of nothingness is everything itself.

Spirit is everything and everywhere, our job whilst embracing the forces of the elements is to remember our essence and our true form as ether, we must allow expansiveness, boundless planes in which we see no limits.

When you know yourself as spirit, we harness the creative ability of manifestation of everything. We must see the ability to grow whilst embracing these qualities; we can create anything whilst vibrating on the same level of this energy. It’s up to you.


Photographer: Kane Skennar @kaneskennar   Model: Lexi Graham @_lexigraham

Guest writer: Ondine Purinton-miller @ondinedaisy @thealchemistsblog

Collage edit: Rosie Sayers @collagesbyross


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