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What a rush to the heart! I mean, three days jam packed full of the best international acts, a tipi forest to lose your mind in, crazy cool stalls to shop and food and drink to soothe the soul….SPLENDOUR WE FREAKING LOVE YOU!

Our splendour store this year was better than ever! A psychedelic display of printed apparel as always, but this time we themed it to our current collection, ‘ Elemental Beings’ boasting an intergalactic star station, a silver scene of streamers and potteries galore and an art-piece created by Austin Moncrieff of insta account, @Nitsua  designed for gals and guys to get their picture taken in front of featuring trippy rainbow projecting mushrooms, a cosmic planetary scene and off tap buzzerflies….🐝

Our festival highlights this year were Peking Duk,  @pekingduk   http://www.pekingduk.com/ , LCD sound system  https://lcdsoundsystem.com/  and Banks  @banks  www.hernameisbanks.com

We had soooooo many epic LH lovers coming into the stall just to hang out and dance, sharing their cute splendour stories. Thanks guys for all the love!!!

Anyway take a look at our favourite pics from SITG17 shot by our girl, Tash Schneier  @ahhtash

Special thanks to our dreamy stall gals, Lucy, Diandre, Taylor and Sian. You girls brought the experience! Also glo tatts @glotatts for your entire team rocking Liberated Heart at SITG17 and to everyone out there that came and shared the LH dream with us. You bring LH to LIFE!!!

💋Love the LH team💋

Sian and Lucy hanging at our LH stall wearing pieces from the ‘Elemental Being’ collection.

And @cosmicdaugher wears her Air✨Satin Mini Dress 

Sian @sian_houston wears her Fire🔥 cami and 🔥 a line mini in the trippy Tipi Forest….

Our best selling set, BOHO!  👏

Checkout this cutie loving it in the🌈 Ecstacy Velvet back strap dress

Sian @sian_houston wears her💧 Water leggings and star mesh top to the kissing bus 💋

Loving this ultra cool way of wearing the 🔮 Deja Vu set 

Sian @sian_houston wears her Air ✨bomber jacket and✨ cami 

These two warm the ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜 !!!

Bunch of lovely ladies doing Liberated Heart proud in W17 Elemental Being Collection 💎

Oh hey there Stephanie Mac  @stephloretomac  grooving in her Air disco shorts 






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