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 An interview with Sabrina Sterk 

Meet the beautiful Byron Bay local Sabrina Sterk @sabrinasterk @thehealthgurugirl

Sab knows what’s up when it comes to deliciously mouth-watering healthy treats!

Q: What is your morning ritual? 

A: I always start my day with a little bed-yoga! I roll around, stretching my hips, twisting my spine and rotating my joints. After that I’ll jump out of bed, wash my face with warm water and my favourite Dr Haushka cleanser, then I’ll skip over to the lounge room to light some incense. I’ll sip on a cup of warm lemon water and SuperFeast schizandra for half an hour before whipping up a hot tonic filled with medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens.

Q: What are 3 tips you would recommend to stay healthy?

A: I think I have a MILLION tips so maybe I’ll squeeze in 5 because I just can’t help myself.

  1. HYDRATE. Drink good quality, filtered water and drink LOTS of it!
  2. Always eat organic. If you’re really seeking to be on top of your health you want to eat spray free, seasonal, FRESH, local produce. Try and buy it from your local weekly farmers market so you support the community. Even better – grow your own!
  3. Move move move that booty! It’s SO important to get your energy flowing every day. Our bodies love to be active – and when they are, you get to relish in the drug that is otherwise known as endorphins! Let your limbs stretch and move with some yoga, walking, and weights! Your muscles and lymphatic system will thank you later for it.
  4. Be in nature. Oh how I love to be outdoors. Breathing in fresh beautiful clean oxygen. Being outside away from screens helps to declutter the mind and enables us to reconnect with our greater self. I personally love to go for a strong lighthouse walk (along the coastline of Byron) then jump in the ocean for a hit of natural rejuvenation.  
  5. Look after your skin ladies! If you don’t want to look like a leather bag when you’re 35 then I seriously suggest you start to wear a hat in the sun and cover up those shoulders. It’ll save you loads of money on cure creams and treatments later down the track. I also would recommend only using natural skin care – as your skin is an organ that absorbs just as much as your stomach would. There’s no point in putting expensive chemicals on your skin when you can use coconut butter as a moisturizer and coffee grinds and coconut oil as an exfoliater!

Q: What is your ideal snack & why?

A: I’m not much of a snacker to be honest.. I’d much rather conserve my appetite until a main meal of the day. If I’m really ravenous or doing a lot of exercise I’ll generally reach for some ‘Infinite’ chocolate coated almonds (paleo, vegan, super low in sugar, high in protein and fricken DELICIOUS), or an all veg juice, or I’ll sip on some Dragon Herbs Longevity tea.

Q: What’s your favourite meal?

A: I’ll tell you a little secret.. there’s a cosy little place in our local town Mullumbimby which makes the best wood-oven fired pizza you’ve ever had! It’s my absolute favourite place to have a glass of red and a nibble on something naughty.  

Q: Best spot in Byron for a picnic? 

A: My boyfriend and I live on a gorgeous farm property tucked away in the Byron Hinterland. There’s no place better to have a picnic than on the hill next to our little cabin, which overlooks the hills. We love setting up a rug with cushions, and a table filled with a home cooked feast, candles and of course wine.

Q: Can you please share with us a delicious lazy weekend recipe ?!  

A: This recipe might seem naughty but is totally nice! (see below)

Model: Sabrina Sterk @thehealthgurugirl @sabrinasterk FB: The Health Guru Girl

Photographer: Tash Scheiner @ahhtash

Clothing: Liberated Heart Fire bells, Fire set, Black lace tee, Flower Power knickers, Luminescent Harem pants

Hat: Fallen broken street @fallenbrokenstreet

Eyewear: Crap eyewear @crapeyewear


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