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Drop #3 is here and it comes to you in two flattering bikini styles & our must have one piece! These babies are where its at when it comes to fruity silly season swimwear! Shop them now in our most popular prints, Indigo Child & Viridescent!
Wear your new LH swim at the beach or style it up like our rainbow child @elisha__h for a killer festival outfit!!

Mantra: “I am accepted”

Viridescent: Become excited by the spark of innocence that is always available in you.

Be inspired by all that is new and glowing in freshness.

Mantra: “I am deep”

Indigo Child: The original Rainbow Child, the Indigo Child brings the new energy of human expression. Highly attuned psychically and on point with creativity, passion and drive, you are the game changers for humanity. 

Babes Elisha Herbert @elisha__h & Chloe Edwin @_cloze_ Shooting some magic in one of Byron Bay’s secret locations!

Stand out next at the next festival and rock our Viridescent one piece with a big pair of boots, pink in your hair and starry makeup!

P.s. It looks killer with the Aurora festival robe!

Models: Elisha Herbert @elisha__h & Chloe Edwin @_cloze_ Sian Houston @sian_houston

Photographers: Kane Skennar @kaneskennar & Tash Scheiner @ahhtash

Clothing: Liberated HeartChildren of the Rainbow SS17/18

 Eyewear: Frothlyf Eyewear @frothlyf


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