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Rainbow Serpent Festival…. The evolution of an intimate secluded bush doof into an internationally recognised fusion of music, dance and colour. A place to unplug from the monotony of daily life and live a lifestyle of freedom in expression. Hosting a mind bending plethora of musical talents as well as insane art installations, festival goers are spoilt for choice in the indulgence their mind, body and soul.

Earthlings gather from far and wide to reunite every year in this otherworldly realm where art, nature, knowledge and the fulfilling sense of a like-minded community is discovered. With its roots in the Aboriginal Traditional Countries of the Dja Dja Wurrung  and Wadawurrung Peoples, the festival has its heart in the celebration and appreciation of Aboriginal Culture.

“While dancing their Dreamings, aborigines spiritually connect themselves to the land and to the Dreamtime. The drumming of feet during the dance draws the earth into dialogue with the dancers, allowing the ceremony to bring the power of the Dreaming to life.” – Rainbow Serpent Founders

The name Rainbow Serpent originates from the Aboriginal Dreamtime Story of creation, passed down by the traditional owners of the Australian land. This story is special as it is one of the only unanimous stories told throughout the Aboriginal Tribes. The Rainbow Serpent is the protector of the land, providing the source of all life.

  Our #LHgirl Natascha Elisa @nataschaelisa getting amongst it at the festival in her Viridescent One Piece.

The magical story of the Rainbow Serpent is precious knowledge to possess. It goes as follows…

“Long ago in the Dreamtime when the earth lay sleeping and nothing moved or grew, lived the Rainbow Serpent. Then one day the Rainbow Serpent awoke and come out from beneath the earth. Refreshed from her long slumber she travelled far and wide leaving winding tracks from her huge body and then returning to the place she had first appeared.

On her return she called to the frogs “come out!” The frogs came out slowly as their bellies were full with water which they had stored during their long sleep. The Rainbow Serpent tickled their stomachs and when the frogs laughed, the water spilled out all over the earth to fill the tracks of the Rainbow Serpent. This is how the lakes and the rivers were first formed.

With water, grass and trees began to grow which woke all the animals who then followed the Rainbow Serpent across the land. They were happy on earth and each lived and gathered food with their own tribe. Some animals lived in rocks, some on the vast plains, and others in trees and in the sky. The Rainbow Serpent made laws that they were all to obey but some began to make trouble and argue. The Rainbow Serpent said “Those who keep my laws will be rewarded; I will give them human form. Those who break my laws will be punished and turned to stone & will never to walk the earth again”. Those who broke the law became stone and were turned into mountains and hills and those who were obedient were turned into human form and were each given their own totem of the animal, bird or reptile from when they began. The tribes knew themselves by their totems – kangaroo, emu, carpet snake, and many, many more. So no one would starve, the Rainbow Serpent ruled that no man should eat of his totem, but only of other totems. This way there was food for everyone.

The tribes lived together on the land given to them by the Rainbow Serpent or Mother of Life and knew the land would always be theirs, and no one should ever take it from them.”

Happy festival snaps of babe @charrlesberg in her Air Shorties

In a celebration of nature and creation, festival goers got fruity to the max. In amongst the crowd we found some LH babes styling their pieces to ultimate festival perfection!

@charrlesberg Baben’ in her Air Bodysuit… these babies look super cheeky when paired with fishnet tights and black boots

Ultimate festival trio… Natascha @nataschaelisa, Mimi @mimielashiry and Teddi @teddiemerald, Teddi wears her Amorous velvet backless dress styled perfectly with that cute matching umbrella


Rainbow Serpent is a true authentic Australian festival experience and a must for anyone yet to venture there!

Until next year…

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Writer: Natalie Welsh @ntwlsh

Rainbow Serpent Dreamtime Story Credit: Michael J Connolly, Munda-gutta Kulliwari, Dreamtime Kullilla-Art http://www.kullillaart.com.au/dreamtime-stories/The-Rainbow-Serpent

Clothing: Liberated Heart @liberatedheart




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