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The rainbow realm of an artist exists as a beautifully powerful force. It is is the driver behind an artist’s creative practice; it is their imagination and reality combined in a world dedicated to creation.

Coexisting in this same grandeur is the power of femininity, a magic in itself. Loving yet fierce. Strong but soft. This divine feminine energy has been expressed throughout art since human existence itself. Changing form with the beliefs and ideals of society at the given time, the multifaceted nature of femininity is a constant source of artistic inspiration.

Artist Riley A. Polek-Davis (or better known on Instagram as @ganja_kitty) and her work truly resonate with our team here at LH. Our admiration goes out to this pixie who manages to capture the initial beauty yet insane strength and vitality of what it means to be female. Travelling to festivals all over and creating her otherworldly pieces, Riley is a true source of style and creative inspiration. We took 10 with this babe to get to know a little more about her rainbow realm…

In the beginning, how did art as a form of expression find its way into your life?

Art has always been a fluid part of my life, but when I fell in love with Oil painting I found a large fragment of my Higher Self. It became the ultimate way for my Soul to speak. It simply, and beautifully, just happened.

Describe the feeling that floods your mind and body when you are creating art… 

It’s more of a full-fledged experience, rather than a singular feeling. On a positive outlook, I’d say, Sensational Limitlessness, Euphoria, & this organic form of Psychedelic Enlightenment. On a realistic approach, Art pushes my boundaries, stretches me thin, while keeping my Heart satisfied and full. It goes like this; My Soul obtains the knowledge, my Mind cracks the code, and my fingers make my visions tangible. Mind, Body and Soul flowing as one to Create.


Epic shot of Riley creating a live art piece at Lightning in a Bottle rocking the perfect festival outfit: Knee high platforms and her LH Oracle Backless Dress


If you could paint the World any colour what would you choose and why?

Oh my. I’m a color enthusiast so I literally can’t just choose one. I’d like to say Rainbow just because it’s a meteorological phenomenon. Every color belonging together, as one, iridescent and splendidly spectacular. Our World SHOULD be like this. All colors, coexisting, bringing a simplistic feeling of peace & wonder to the table. Our Earth deserves this! So yes, rainbow it is.

How does your artistic nature influence your everyday life?

They are completely one in the same. You can’t have one without the other when it comes to me. Art is my everyday Life. My Life is influenced by Art and vice versa. Honestly, nothing inside of me would make sense if art hadn’t completely infiltrated my everything.


The femininity and elements of the divine goddess that is expressed throughout your works is truly magical, how did this subject come to be so prominent in your art?

This is the most beautiful question for me. Really everything I do is to Respect and Represent where I came From. I was raised by females alone which full heartedly exemplifies why I do what I do. My art is my way of saying, “I Love You, Thank you, I Respect You.” I believe Females are one of the most powerful forces on the Planet. A force that should never be fucked with. Women deserve Divine recognition for Eternity & that’s what I hope to share through my Art. Everlasting Acknowledgement for our kind.


As a female yourself, in your world, when do you feel you feel most powerful? A moment do you feel that there are no obstacles to face?

I feel the most powerful when I am unapologetically Myself. No boundaries. No preconceived notions of how a person should Act. I feel the most powerful and fearless in my own skin. Ready for anything and everything.


How would you describe the relationship between art and fashion?

Both fields are forms of Art in my life. You can do whatever the f*ck you want, I live for that. That’s the correlation right there. To unapologetically show your true colors. Personally, fashion is how I express myself from the outside. Art is my insides reaching out. Combined, they both involve individuality, risk and passion.


In the Studio with Riley and her insane paintings… Studio hangs call for a creative yet relaxed outfit like this one of Rileys: Baggy ripped jeans and her LH Water Cami

What draws you to Liberated Heart creations?

The colors and textiles. Trippy, Cute and vibrant


Tell us your favourite way to rock LH…

I’ll dress it up or down. LH is so versatile between comfy and fabulous. I can rock LH at any festival. Or when I’m simply chillin’ in a pair of sneakers. Regardless of the occasion I always feel myself!

In your eyes, what does it mean to liberate your heart?

To reach a sense of peace and acceptance within your Heart.

To Let Go of the ‘What if,’ and accept the Destiny your Heart is preparing itself for. Whatever that may be, I’m open to it all.

That’s what liberating that sacred space of ours truly means to me.

For your Heart to Let Go & to be Ready and Open for anything and everything.


Extending our gratitude to Riley for giving us a glimpse into her rainbow realm…

🌈 🍄 🎨

Model/Artist: Riley A. Polek-Davis @ganja_kitty

Garments: Mashup of Liberated Heart @liberatedheart and Riley’s personal collection



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