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“She was a picture of delicacy. A flower nymph. Twirling through the endless meadows, with sunlight illuminating her soul. Floating in the breeze which sways the wild grasses. Dancing across the soft petals of flowers she calls home. Not a care for the happenings of yesterday or uncertainty of tomorrow. Simply, her mind in the present bliss of her moments world”

Meet Rainer Drescher @rainerdrescher a real life nymph who has been a LH Girl for quite some time now. After catching a glimpse of Rainer in this epic shoot, we thought it was about time we got to know what makes her smile. Cast your peepers below to check out our interview with this beautiful liberated heart…


You’ve been a LH girl for a few years now. What draws you to Liberated Heart?

Initially it was the unique design, you can always tell when someone’s wearing a liberated heart piece. I was shopping in the store in town when they were still there and got approached to shoot and after getting to know everyone that’s when I fell in love.

Venturing out into the grassy meadows, babe Rainer and Zahlia, creator of @littlelotussilver embarked on a day of sunshine and good good vibesssss. Together they created this mesmerising shoot featuring Rainer adorned in her LH Cherry Blossom Eco Set and dripping in Little Lotus Silver Jewels.

What ignites your fire as a driving force that pushes you forward everyday?

Mostly love, one of the most powerful things in the universe. The love I have for my home, the beaches, where I was born means I got to work to stay here, the love I have for my pets meaning getting up everyday and feeding them and making sure they’re happy and healthy. If you day by day live the life you love you’ll Love the life you live.

What makes you laugh?

My dog attempting to speak human, my rats always making me laugh, they have so much character. The mighty boosh, anything Noel Fielding or Julian Barrat related really.

Rainer rocks her Cherry Blossom Set made of Eco fabric! Our Eco fabric not only looks kaleidoscopically insane but is made from recycled fishing nets and other recycled polyfibres. Beautiful whilst helping to recycle the earths pollution!

If one song was the soundtrack to your life, which would it be?

Dreams – Fleetwood Mac

A BIG thank you to you Rainer for giving us a little glimpse into your world 🙌


Model: Rainer Drescher @rainerdrescher

Gems: Little Lotus Silver @littlelotussilver

Garments: CHERRY BLOSSOM @liberatedheart


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