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kaitlynjbaird – @liberatedheart 💞💞💞 my heart was most liberated during this moment in this photo listening to @angusandjuliastone 😍😍 best outfit too 😘😘✨ – Kaitlyn wears her PANDORA Set


It’s no secret that our team here at LH live for festivals. It’s within the essence of everything we do. Our way of life, our favourite pass time and the way we spend our days creating Liberated Heart. For the love of that festival feeling we held an Instagram giveaway asking our LH Girls to… “Tell us the most magical festival moment you’ve had. A moment when you’ve felt most alive, pure euphoria flowing through your body. Your heart liberated to its fullest 🙌”

While reading our girls responses we were in utter awe. The way you LH Girls expressed your stories was truly magical!✨ To have our customers share their most treasured moments of being truly enlivens our vision for Liberated Heart. We desire for LH to exist as more than just mind bending pieces to get fruity in. Our vision is to create a way of life. As our name suggests, an approach to life that involves liberating you heart in whichever way feels right. The stories shared by our LH Girls in this comp truly expressed that vision.  Hence, we felt it only right to share these liberated stories…


pinkandsparkles101 – My most memorable, magical festival moment was at lightning in a bottle with the love of my life @tannertracy_ , we sat on top of “meditation mountain” waiting for the sun to set, while gazing over the entirety of the festival. We sat near a shrine of some sort, and began conversation about the gratitude we held for our love and this experience. Before we knew it, both of us were in full blown tears, balling our eyes out, kissing, and loving. It was like no one else was around, it was like we were the only people on this mountain. We couldn’t contain the amount of love that was flowing through our souls and pouring out of our bodies. Fully present in the moment, we were in the now. We left LIB with a newfound sense of love for each other, for our continuous growth, for our adventure in life together, for our sobriety, and for life itself.

It’s a moment I will never ever let go, it was a forever moment. A magical moment. 🌟


mollymahon – Went to see Fred V & Grafix, on my favourite song of theirs, they got everyone to stop what they were doing and make a ‘wall of love’. They split a crowd of thousands of people down the middle and told us when the song drops you have to run to the first person you see and give them a hug. It. Was. Beautiful😍


jmeelee_ – 🌈🌈 On May 17th I had my closet friend’s attend @edc_lasvegas with me and on the first night we danced for hours at the house stage watching WONGO from Sydney early hours of the morning who played my husband’s new song 🌠🌠🌠🌠 nothing beats listening to the progress of a song being made months before hearing it on a huge stage in a different country ✨❤️✨ @adrianaa_romeo @vicrobertson


kalimariemermaid – Hearing Robert Plant sing my favorite Led Zeppelin song at the first Okeechobee surrounded by beautiful trees illuminated with every color under the rainbow. My mom always told me “There’s a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair” “That girl is you” @_nanikeahi_


oh_mann – I’ve had many many magical moments at festivals…. but the most magical was getting to see porter&madeon play during the most beautiful sunset with one of my best friends. Being able to see two djs that saved us &mean the world to us for the third time together was unreal ✨✨✨ we danced, we cried, we sang…. I will never get over that feeling of true bliss


djbassjiggles – Spending ALL of Summer Camp with my best friend in the entire universe. Seeing the light shining through her eyes from her beautiful soul within while we got to stomp and dance around together like our true selves. Hooping together throughout the whole weekend. Hugging her in a place that truly feels like home. FINALLY GETTING TO RIDE THE FERRIS WHEEL! I have always wanted to ride but never had anyone who would go with me the year before… But of course my bff would do something fun with me! It’s the littlest things that can mean so much even when you’re some place surrounded by 20,000 other people. Love you to the other galaxies and back @wilddarlin


gretawarren – Being on @matt_mcleayshoulders at sunset for my favourite band in the world when the wombats played 1996 (the year I was born) on my birthday 🎆

matt_mcleay – Saying i love you for the first time in the tipi forest at splendour in the grass 2015! @gretawarren


@euphorheea – Earthcore 2016, dust pouring up into the sun on the final Sunday morning as 14 of the best souls I will ever encounter on my journey let their souls free. Each one of us lost in the primal rhythmic thumping of psytrance. I looked around me at a sight I had pictured in my minds eye for 6 months. I have never felt more free, more in touch with the souls around me. How blissful to have found a place where I could be so myself. I will never forget that morning as long as I live, earthcore delivered me into the truest form of myself. Let there be doof @alicia_toddd@helena_may_stanley @rosiegrierson


rach_parkinson – The most magical festival moment I’ve had was at Rabbits Eat Lettuce with @oddship, dancing in a tantric thunderstorm, covered in mud and glitter, listening to everyone howl at the rising moon, with the earth beneath us vibrating from the bassy music.

Pure love and magic ❤️🌙🌿🌈⚡🌻🍭✨

jemma.burton – @rubycrosss I look around the colourful costumes like a summer garden, bold yellows ,cyan and Emerald greens the sequences sparkle in the brilliant late afternoon sun. Everywhere I look the painted faces of children and adults grin back at me. I sway to the comforting beat of the music my crazy friends surrounding me. Every normal thought and worry is banished. There is simply no room for it with all the excitement in my mind. I breathe in deep this is my break from reality🌈🦋


lucybarrac – Most magical experience was looking over Lake Wanaka in New Zealand with my girl @nic_slater ❤ sun setting over the lake and Fat Freddies Drop grooving. Experiencing a new country with new friends but an unforgettable experience xxx

fromtessa – WHEN THE TOILETS AT RAINBOW ACTUALLY DIDNT STINK AFTER 3 DAYS OF 30+ DEGREES 🙏🏽 @spezimarley @spyro.the.dragon.fan2003@dande.lilion


xlivvyemma – When I was with my darling friend rosie, holding her hands and dancing into the sunrise with her at a local festival in the uk. These moments of pure euphoria are something I will cherish with her forever as she sadly passed away earlier this year. 🌹She was my festival fairy, always colourful, vibrant, bright and full of love.


micamaier – When at market stage at @rainbowserpentfestival after a whole day hopping meeting up with my beautiful friend @arrrriiiia I finally saw her eyes and smile glowing in the crowd👁👁💫 We shared a magical moment together dancing and laughing. Happiness IS real when shared! 💚💚💚💚


sarah_searle – The most euphoric experience I’ve had at a festival was Decadence 2016… specifically during @jaiwolfx set – I was with friends who were scattered throughout the fest but in that exact moment, it felt as if nothing else existed, everything became one in sound. It was pure love and bliss.


beetsqueen – In Oregon after spending 14 hours straight boogying to the best music leading up to the MAGIC of a total solar eclipse, “Here Comes the Sun” was playing at a nearby stage. everyone was so happy and singing along & felt so rejuvenated and cleansed that all I could do was smile smile smile 🙂 @masonkm1 @rhythm2themadness


coolchick_mo – At Oregon eclipse when @megannengel And @alicoh27 and I stumbled upon a talk from a South-American shaman… as she was speaking in Spanish, we were all three taken aback by the energy we felt: there was a sense of true community, unison, and togetherness. We then looked at each other and were taken aback by the beauty of our best friends! Ali and Megan are truly beautiful humans but when we are happy, our glow is radiant! I love you guys!

moochycasha – In the heart of the festival holding two of my best friends hands all looking into the night sky and just smiling just so happy to be there in the moment together. We all felt and outer body experience, looking down on us, on earth, on the universe. @sarahbest_ @amarinajames



THANK YOU ALL for your amazing stories!! For the team at Liberated Heart hearing these stories was magical. The heart opening, mind expanding and connected moments LH Girls have at festivals and in their lives brings us utter bliss. To keep being creative and holding our vision!! The clothes we make become the golden thread that grows a global community of inspired, creative and heart-centred souls. To inspire more creative and mindful beings to courageously step into more expanding moments. To drop deeper into the moment and let these moments become the next reference point for living a liberated life!! Much love to you all 💗🙏🏼✨


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