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Blurred visions transcending through wondrous liquids of uncertainty. Flowing through deepest veins of imagination and exhilaration of the unknown. Crystallising into clarity. A joyous surrender to the spirits innermost desires. 

Crystallize exists as a both a physical and emotional conceptual being. Embodying a tangible form, it resembles the transcendence of an element into a solid of glimmering crystals. Transforming to an emotional state, crystallize stands as the newfound clarity or definition of thoughts and ideas in the mind.

A vital aspect of the intrinsic Interconnectedness that exists both within natures ecosystem, human communities and the individual mind.

  Emerging from the kaleidoscopic ream is our new Crystallize styles. Morphing the sheer goodness of mesh with classic festival cuts, these newbies are tied together with our new print of pastel perfection. Adorn yourself in our Crystallize Mesh Long Sleeve Crop and Bells for an outfit of festival whimsy. As India does, wear a vintage belt to cover your tummy and you’ve got an epic all in one!

In contrast, rock separately! Our Crystallize Mesh Crop looks epic paired alongside  Aurora Shorties. Wear a dark coloured bralette underneath or take a walk on the wild side and let those itty bitties shine through! Our Crystallize Mesh Bells jell reallll smoothly with a Connection Bandeau. Similarly, a dark coloured pair of bloomers look a treat of contrasting beauty underneath!



Behind the magic…

Model/Styling | Indiarose @indiaroza_

Photography | LH Tash


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