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✨ Introducing our new Omniverse Set ✨

Surfacing amongst the greater unknown of cosmic possibilities, awareness strikes. Freedom from the constrictions of a physical being is present, the soul is unleashed with a desire for celestial exploration. Enlivened with mysterious beauty of dazzling galaxies, an inner voice arises existential thoughts. Mind bending paths weave through a deep blue transcendence. An abyss of rich purple sorcery. Explosions burst upon jewelled starlight filling a void of wondrous uncertainty. Flooding with an understanding of the cosmic realm. Finally knowledge surfaces that we are not alone.

The classic galaxy theme is a timeless concept. Forever consequently associated with mystery and wonder of what truly exists out there in the abyss. The mind conjures up all kinds of images with the thoughts of other creatures living in the vast expanse. If we came face to face with ‘aliens’ could we really live in harmony? Or rather, would they actually come in peace?

So with this in mind, we felt it only right to reinvent this idea with our new otherworldly print ‘Cosmic‘. Brought to life in the LH favourite Omniverse Matching Set, this velvet number is sure arise all kinds of existential thoughts at your next festival.

Are you a believer in the extraterrestrial? Of parallel universes or planets with alternate life forms?

Garment | LH Cosmic Set

Model | Rainer Drescher @rainerdrescher

Jewels | Little Lotus Silver @littlelotussilver

Photography | Zahlia from Little Lotus Silver @littlelotussilver



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