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It’s island time, as they say, which means not a care for time in the world. Rise when the body feels ready and sleep when the body first calls for slumber. Adventures are always are welcomed as a priority and tasks of everyday life are carried out in a breeze. The produce is fresh and the mellow locals glow with a wild excitement in their eye. An excitement for life. A life intoxicated with the happiness of simplicity in the bare necessities.

A beachside island life is the dream.

Through crystal visions, tropical fairy Telsea Taketa @tel.seaa gives a glimpse into her Hawaiian island life. Venturing through the luscious rainforest, Telsea chooses none but our very own Lucid Dreaming Set in recycled lycra to adorn her body with.

Preserving the beauty of her island home, this pixie’s choice to wear eco fabric on adventure ensures the nature of her garments won’t taint the beauty of her surrounds.


Cosmic edit by Telsea herself; ultimate femininity✨🌙

 Keeping in tune with the island mantra of less is more with an ultimate laid back styling of Lucid Dreaming, Telsea vibes a beautifully natural no make up look with two cute messy buns and silver glitter (biodegradable of course!) dusted over her hair and body.


LH garments are so often only brought out at festivals, as the instant thought for many is that they are too fruity for the everyday. However, this look of Telsea’s gives a simplistic and incredibly wearable approach to LH styling; perfect for your next day adventure!

Island wanderings all too often lead down secluded paths to secret hidden beaches. The vision of pure turquoise water kissing the shoreline is just too tempting! You don’t want to miss this golden opportunity for a swim. If the choice to go for a dip all natural isn’t an option, and you’re lacking in the bikini department, we have a little inside tip…


Did you know our LH eco fabric halters can double up as bikini tops?

These pictures inspiring an all consuming wanderlust and a desire to re-immerse in the island life. To loose track of time in a blissful state of serenity.

With all this talk of travel… Where will your next adventures take you?

Model/Edits: Telsea Taketa @tel.seaa

Garments: Liberated Heart @liberatedheart



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