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Extending a whole lot of loving to Kasey for sharing with us what Liberated Heart means to her!

🌟 Click this link to read more of Kasey’s poetry 🌟

The essence of Liberated Heart stems from a desire to embrace life with ultimate personal freedom. Freedom in expression through creativity, music, arts, movement and individuality. To fuel both the physical, emotional and spiritual body with elements that arise a feeling of wholesome happiness. 


It is our greatest wish and manifestation for LH to exist as more than just a fashion label. Upholding the true meaning behind our name, we aim to create a community of life’s celebration! To be a platform in which you, our LH girls, feel freedom to share your stories, creativity and whatever makes your heart sing! With this dream in mind our email address: was set up quite a long time ago.

In a frenzy of keeping up with festival madness this humble little email address has long since been put on the back burner. Just waiting to be reignited again. LH has been going through some cosmic changes lately. An evolution that has arisen the knowledge to stay true to our core values. Establishing this community of liberation in connection between our customers, fellow creatives and nature is where we’re tripping to.

So, to you, our LH girls, whether emailing your stories of creativity or sharing photos and messages with us on Instagram, messaging us on Facebook or even just leaving a comment on one of our photos… We would love you to share your magic with us to us at !!


With this we welcome our new blog category!

~ Share Your LH ~


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