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Haiii guys, my names Nat and I’m the Creative Director of LH aka the fruitiest brand evvvver!

As you all probably know Liberated Heart originated in the dreamy land of Byron Bay… But now we have creatives working all over the place to bring our magic to life! I’m based on the Northern Beaches of Syd and I look after Social Media and all things Design/Artsy here at LH. I also create our delicious prints.

This week we’re doing staff style edits so Anisha (the newest loverrr to our team) and I got together in Newtown for a fun lil street style shoot, showing off some of our fav pieces at the mo!

When I’m not making magic at LH you’ll find me cruising around looking for secret beaches, getting freaky at a festival or running around creating things.

Look 1: Flow State Set w/ Vintage Turquoise Jacket

I’m a total colour addict – my fav being Turquoise! So I’m loving styling my LH pieces with matching colour jackets as this chilly weather takes over. Flow State and this epic vintage jacket are a total vibe in my eyes!!

Look 2: Pixies Party Skirt w/ Ocean Alley (my fav band!) Band Tee and Chunky Boots

I love to bring as much LH in to my everyday style as possible because seriously nothing expresses my personality quite the same! For a chill look I split my matching sets up. I’ll pair an LH skirt with a band tee and chunky black boots or an LH cami/halter with my fav vintage denim flares.

Look 3: Bohemian Rhapsody Set w/ Sherpa Jacket from @thrillsco and Train Driver Style Cap

The Boho Set was the first ever LH piece I owned, well before I became part of the team. For that reason it will forever remain one of my favourite pieces. I style this set sooooooo many ways for different occasions and have even used the top as swimmers before!

Look 4: Bohemian Rhapsody Halter and Connection Velvet Bells w/ Velvet Jacket from @allthatremainslove and Statement Belt

Mixing and matching prints is a big mood for me! It’s such a fun thing to do and gives you so many different outfit combos that turn out way better than you could ever have imagined (just like this outfit I’m wearing!!!). It can often go really wrong tho so make sure you choose complimenting colours. I always try to use one really trippy print and then one thats a little more chill.

It’s been super fun sharing some of my styling tips with you guys! Stay tuned for many staff style posts to come!!

See you at a festival soon! – Love Nat xo



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