In a single moment, you reach your edge.

You centre your energy, stand in your power, breathe and just be – blissfully yourself.

All that has led you to this point, has been part of your journey to become liberated.



Take the Trip with Liberated Heart … born through an all-encompassing, mind altering, ecstatic dance. A vision to create a brand that reflected the power of music and movement to empower yourself and awaken consciousness within. What became was an iconic festival-fashion label, synonymous with psychedelic digital print art and apparel made for freeing yourself to the rhythm.


Following the initial vision of founder Kirstie Fisher in 2012, she teamed up with digital print artist Colin Heaney to create a series of mind-bending prints applied through his uniquely engineered design process. Heaney spent hours at the computer, falling deep into the psychedelic world of colour and patterns that make up his strong aesthetic, acquired from a lifetime spent in the art world. The themes explored in Colin’s prints spoke of a spiritual awakening – reflecting the colour, movement and life that one experiences riding a high at a festival.


When the brand officially launched in 2013 it gained a cult like following as a leader in festival fashion. A strong brand aesthetic and engaging social media strategy was developed by Mariah Hearn and it wasn’t long before the brand got the attention of new-age flower children and models Candice Swanepoel and Mimi Elashiry.


Engaging with these early adopters led to the brand’s exponential growth via social media. Creative new-media engagement has remained central to the brand’s philosophy, to connect with customers and provide them with insight into the Liberated Heart world.

The brand’s fan club now boasts a diverse mix of influencers from across the globe including bad granny Baddie Winkle, photographer Gypsy One, DJs Tigerlily and GG Magree, artist Charmaine Olivia, singer Airling and models Lilla Conradsen, Inka Williams, Alessia Marietti, Mahina Alexander and Annalise McLachlan.


In 2014, Kate Boyd (formerly of Cassette Society) joined the team as Head Designer. This recruitment saw the brand expand its offering to seasonal street and swimwear collections suitable for festivals, doofs and late nights that too often turn to early mornings. At the same time, Charlotte Collins joined the team, bringing her passion and industry experience to the brand to develop the website, blog and provide marketing and operational support.

Based in Byron Bay, Liberated Heart continuous to be run by a small but dynamic team of young creatives who work together to build a brand that inspires its customers to dream, love and live in the moment.


All Liberated Heart garments are a work of art. Liberated Heart’s vision is to showcase and promote art in a way that is widely accessible and attainable. Not everyone has the opportunity to visit an art gallery or buy a piece of artwork in its traditional form. We are bringing art to people in a way that is engaging, inclusive and non-discriminatory.


We want to empower our customers to freely express themselves and be true to who they are. Our social media accounts regularly show imagery of our beautiful customers, of all body types and backgrounds, to highlight to our audience the value of diversity. We have gained a strong following for taking a real, holistic approach to the content we share and a personable presentation of the lifestyle we want to inspire.


Liberated Heart is passionate about protecting Mother Earth and reducing the brand’s environmental impact in various aspects of the business.  We also value the creation of products made with social responsibility care of everyone involved in the production process.  Conscious purchasing means you have made a choice that benefits everyone involved in the making of your stand out pieces of festival wear .. Everyone deserves to live with a liberated heart!!

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Printing and Manufacturing

We use a process called dye-sublimation printing for the majority of our manufacturing – to create the eye catching prints our label has become known for. It is the safest and most sustainable garment printing process, producing ZERO waste!  In digital printing there is no water required and the print dye is applied directly to the garment. This differs from other resource-intensive printing methods such as screen printing, which requires large amounts of water that becomes polluted and has a flow on effect to the environment.

For all printed styles we ensure the printing file is applied as efficiently as possible in order to minimise fabric wastage. We also develop our collections with waste reduction in mind by using all extra material to create accessories.

We recently began working with lyocell fabric, a regenerated fibre which is environmentally sustainable. Tencel, as lyocell is also known, is made from cellulose found in wood pulp which is put through a solvent spinning process to become a fabric. Basically – it has a low impact on the environment in terms of energy and water usage. Products made in lyocell are also recyclable.

As the manufacturing industry expands in its capacity to digitally print to eco-fabrics, we look forward to refining the sustainability of our products.


We are currently in the process of stopping our manufacturers from sending us our bulk deliveries in plastic. This will significantly reduce the amount of plastic we are directly producing and in turn, reduce the amount of non-recyclable material we pass on to customers. All of our promotional postcards are printed on 100% recycled carbon neutral card with soy-based inks by a local printer in Byron Bay.


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As the brand grows we want to hear more from you!  Would like to share your story? How you have or how do you want to liberate yourself and taken the bold steps towards following your passion and expanding your heart?  Write to us at

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