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Water W17

WATER  W17 Whittling away at seemingly impenetrable land and stone, carving gorges, canyons and rivers through the slow process of time. That subtlety, demonstrates an erosion so gentle that eons must pass before we’re left with the tangible, pumping veins

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Fire Bells baby

FIRE BELLS ELEMENTAL BEING W17 A whimsical journey inspired by tales of white witchcraft… A mystical collective of the five wiccan elements… An expression of all aspects of our being; Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit manifesting in the form

Fire W17

Fire W17

Take The Trip Jun 05, 2017

FIRE W17 The fiery, passionate destroyer, raging, vivacious and incandescent. That’s fire in a nutshell. The nature of fire is uncertain and unpredictable, it’s uncontrollable, however, in its passionate zest for life it becomes the motivator, purifier, the creator and

Air W17

Air W17

Take The Trip May 03, 2017

 ACTIVATE AIR W17 Each one of us breathes the same air, a universal current of energy that weaves its way through every one of earths occupants. Air is a vital force and a source of ceaseless flow. We feel, rather

Earth W17

Earth W17

Take The Trip Apr 13, 2017

EARTH W17 Elements are the great forces emanating and radiating from our cosmic creator. When we walk barefoot, stepping consciously on our ancient lands – in that moment we can experience the earth pressing against us; the fertile soil nourishing

Introducing new collection ELEMENTAL BEING

ELEMENTAL BEING W17  Humans are bound by the elements; intrinsically we are connected and at one with the cosmic power that drives all life force on this planet. The earth space we occupy is a living, breathing entity and we’re


  Rainbow Serpent is the peak of the psychedelic festival season in Australia.  Marking its 20th year celebration, the Liberated Heart team travelled to join in the transformational experience that is Rainbow  ✨ No matter the mix of experiences you sought at


LH DOES NYE 2017 Well that was wild… 😵😵😵 Whether you were singing farewell to Sticky Fingers at Beyond The Valley as the clock struck midnight, grooving to Flight Facilities at Lost Paradise or rocking out to Childish Gambino at Falls Festival

Listen Out Brisbane

LISTEN OUT BRISBANE  How good was Listen Out?!? Between the amazing line-up including A$AP Ferg, Travis Scott and Rufus and the great weather this one day festival did not disappoint. Another thing that didn’t disappoint was all the groovy festival


                                                One of your fave summer prints just became your new fave festival set… Our Utopia Velvet