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AMOROUS Introducing AMOROUS… The latest edition to our Children of The Rainbow Collection… ‘Your energy gathers in the rush of the dance, and you feel your primal, vibrant life-force swirl within. Your passion and pleasure ignites you into your fullest

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Collabs , Take The Trip Dec 08, 2017

Welcoming the latest print to our Children of the Rainbow Collection – AURORA   “Met with a light so infinite you expand into all that is mystical and magical.  Dancing arches of pink and green are the spirits who show


Introducing our latest slip dresses coming to life in our two epic prints Indigo Child and Totality. Perfect for getting funky in this festival season, these backless babies are sure to keep you cool throughout many adventures in the Aussie

LH SWIM 17/18

Drop three is here and it comes to you in two flattering bikini styles & our must have one piece! These babies are where its at when it comes to fruity silly season swimwear! Shop them now in our most

Indigo Child & Iris

Our latest print Indigo Child – The original Rainbow Child, the Indigo Child brings the new energy of human expression. Highly attuned psychically and on point with creativity, passion and drive, you are the game changers for humanity. It is your inspiration