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FLOW STATE Lost in a moment of life’s ebb and flow. Mind, body and soul ecstatic and completely alive in a heightened state of consciousness. In this zone nothing else matters. Have you entered flow state?   Inspired by the

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Butterfly Effect: Opium Dreams X Trevor King

THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT – OPIUM DREAMS X TREVOR KING Floating through time, blinks become days, breaths turn to years… As the delicate details collide and warp in a complex canvas. Every action meets its opposite – for we are all connected. Introducing The Butterfly Effect – the latest print

Déjà Vu | Liberated Heart x Opium Dreams

Is it now, or then? Your mind playing tricks, or your dreams made reality? Your first taste of Liberated Heart summer is here – introducing the Déjà Vu set, where 80s pop meets mad psychedelia. We decided to team up with festival


♕ CELESTIAL ♕ Stairway to heaven, or is it just in your mind? For now, we belong to the stars and the sky – an infinite space to get lost and found.  We were so excited to launch our latest set CELESTIAL at


WELCOME TO ◎ WONDERLAND ◎ Out of body and out of mind, as you fall down the rabbit hole… A vacuum for reality and rules, your fairytale comes to life. Introducing Wonderland – our latest OMNIVERSE set inspired by what happens when you fall down


◆ OBLIVION ◆ pupils dilate, cells exhale, the universe expands… in a single movement of colour, breathe and life. as above, so below… we dance through, blissful, unaware.  wiggley jiggley lines dart in and out of peachy apricot tones popping

SPECTRUM has just arrived!

SPECTRUM passing through space and time… no sound… no feeling… I am covered by light… it bends around me, illuminating the entire sky in a thousand colours. spectrum, the latest addition to our doof inspired collective OMNIVERSE this metallic rainbow

INCANTATION has landed!

willows cover me, birds surround me… the sun may stalk but I am lost to the shadows… as nature, movement and breath combine to cast the magic spell.  incantation , the latest addition to our doof inspired collective OMNIVERSE channel


CRYSTALFILM losing my grip… swinging my hips… my vision blurs like eyes masked by glitter as I dance around the room. our latest set to our limited edition psychedelic ~omniverse~ range – CRYSTALFILM will have you entrapped, icey aquas contrast

RAVE CAVE has arrived!

RAVE CAVE slick black walls surround, ricocheting beats of the earth. inner tribal instinct ensues as your body moves now. no thought process, just energy. introducing our new OMNIVERSE limited edition set – RAVE CAVE lush velvet fabric sets off